Junckers woods must meet two overall criteria:

  1. beautiful colours and grain patterns and

  2. long-term stability and durability.

Most of Junckers woods are available in two designs 'wood strip floorboards', and 'wide boards'. Junckers produce their wood strip floor-boards from hand sorted staves which are assembled using a double dovetail joint to create each floorboard.

All Junckes floorboards are pre-finished with an oil or polyurethane seal especially developed and made by Junckers, according to specific wood characteristics and to meet the needs of the finished floor.

Junckers 14mm Wood Strip

Junckers 20.5mm Wide Board

Junckers 22mm Wood Strip

The range of Junckers 100% solid hardwood floors features a selection including ash, merbau, oak, jatoba and uniquely, press-dried beech. In short, a range of colours, from light pale to dark brown.

Junkers Wood Floors

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